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Aerospace and Defense Actors - Ana Paula Araujo Mendes

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Discover these personalities who matter and inspire future generations of leaders.

Such is the humble ambition of this blog. I felt of the utmost importance to hear the voices of those current leaders in order to empower their achievements for the benefits of our future to all.


Women and men serving humanity have always fascinated me. Their humility, their values and their dedication to their cause are all assets that I wanted to underline with my words.


A Life Dedicated to Others: The Nation’s Real Stars


Beyond their fields of activity, which I particularly like, such as Aeronautics, Defense, Cyber, Naval, Space or even the Oceans, it is to these people who compose them and write their history that I have wanted to pay homage in my humble way.


Literature and publications do not sufficiently defend these personalities for my taste. In any case, for a large part of them. Perhaps it is because of their discretion, their ignorance, the free will of some of them or even because of the end of their careers...

And yet, at their level, they have all worked for a good cause, at our service in their chosen fields.


Man and woman at the heart of our sustainable future.


Through my pen and associated illustrative pictures, I decided to meet them, to spend a moment with each of them to better understand and perceive their invisible, those things that make them what they are and never revealed. Over the course of our discussions the veils were lifted and the words untied. Conversations rich in experience are sometimes surprised by the intimate and personal side, but it was necessary to extract the unsaid.


I started my series with France, which I have deeply loved for a long time, thanks to my father who told me so much about it. But very quickly I extended my scope beyond its borders for equally exciting encounters.


I therefore present to you here the quintessence of my magnificent encounters, some more beautiful than the others, which I look forward to sharing with you.

Ana Paula Araujo Mendes
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